Moocall HEAT measures your bull's movements and texts you when your cows go into heat.

Drastically reduce the number of hours spent on heat detection. Get alerted via SMS, app and email when your cow has a standing heat.

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Our partners in Australia


Agrigene are our partners in Australia. They are Australia’s largest privately owned Artificial Breeding & Merchandise Company based in Wangaratta in North-East of Victoria, Australia.

Brilliant System

"76 heifers, 3 not picked up in 5 weeks of breeding. Was able to identify a lame bull. Brilliant system. Picking up repeats at the moment. Very happy with the system and level of customer service.”

John Carew

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Good job

"Definitely working and decreases the work load. Allows for better time to AI as you know when she is in a full heat. Hoping to see a huge benefit at the end of the breeding season when they are harder to pick and there is only one or two heats a day.”

Peter McCandless

How Moocall HEAT Technology Works:

Moocall HEAT is a collar that is worn by a stock or a teaser / vasectomised bull. Moocall eartags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat.

Moocall HEAT tech breakdown

The Moocall Difference

Long Lasting Battery Life 

Recharge your Moocall device much like your smartphone. Except the battery will last for over 60 days.

Oh, and Moocall is smart enough to let you know via SMS text message when the unit only has 15% battery remaining.

Catch more heats

To move a Moocall device you remove it from your bull and attach it to another. This means bull fatigue is one less problem to worry about

One device, managed well can easily do for a herd of 50 or cows. Three Moocalls will serve a herd of 150 cows.

moocall heat logo

'MyMoocall' Software

Purchasing a Moocall device also gives you access to 'MyMoocall'. This is where you can manage your devices. You can change the associated phone numbers, see your battery levels & see what alerts have been sent. Also, download our free Moocall companion apps.

World Class Customer Success

We want you to succeed so we will call you once you register your device and make sure you get the most from your purchase. Many of our team keep cattle themselves. We understand heat detection and are always here to help. We also offer phone, email and live chat support 5 days a week.

Takes all the pressure off!

"Moocall HEAT is excellent, very happy. We have finished AI’ing now and have the collar on the back up bull so we are able to tell now which cows the AI did not work, which is wonderful. I would love to be able to have every mob with Moocall. Just love Moocall for AI’ing the cows, takes all the pressure off trying to watch the cattle all the time and it will be interesting to see if we get a better percentage in calf as we can be more accurate with the timing. Now it is great to see what worked and what didn’t. Will not need to preg test that mob either which will save money."

Georgina Kedzlie  

How does it work?

Moocall HEAT sensors measure the bull's activity around the cows to determine which cows are in estrus and when. They will then send you an SMS message, an app notification and an email to let you know that they have detected mounting activity. You can then use the AM/PM rule if you are using a teaser bull to AI at the optimum time.


How many devices do I need?

On average, you will need about 1 device per 50 head. Each collar comes with 50 tags. You can put up

Pulham Herefords

How much does it cost?

One Moocall HEAT system costs AUD$1,995.00. This includes the collar, 50 RFID tags and 12 months of software, service and usage. After 12 months, it costs AU$461 per device, per year, to continue using it. If you own multiple devices, each annual service charge will be discounted by 10%. 

moocall rfid

Where do I purchase? Moocall HEAT sensors can be bought from us directly or from our Australian distribution partners Agrigene.

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